Would really like to have a 'Projects - Save As' option

Hi, I use the node-red 'Projects' feature a lot.

Is it possible to have a 'Projects - Save As' button? This would 'in theory' be the same as the current 'Create Project' popup but would ALSO copy the existing flows into the new Project. Maybe I'm missing something obvious...

I looked in: https://github.com/node-red/node-red/wiki/Design:-Editor-Themes and can see how to enable / disable various capabilities and change some visual elements but cannot see a way to 'hook' or add to the existing 'Projects' menu item.

Any help or pointers on expanding the menu system would be gratefully received.

P.S. currently, I do the following steps:

  1. Projects - Export - All Flows (saves in the clipboard copy buffer)
  2. Projects - New then give it the new project name & configuration options
  3. Projects - Import and paste the clipboard buffer

Perhaps there is a better workflow?



The projects option uses the git framework. "Save as" is not part of that framework. Git has a rigid workflow philosophy. You might need to look at a git tutorial to understand the more advanced features. Also, the node-red Projects implementation does not expose all the features of git, so you will need an understanding of the command line options for advanced use. What you were asking is possible using git, but not from the node-red interface, as far as I know!

Well, yes it uses git, but that doesn't mean Node-RED couldn't offer such an option. In fact, the original project dialog did have a place holder for 'clone project' for a while that didn't make the cut.

@PaulKeates1 I agree this would be useful to have. Consider it noted and on the backlog.


Ah, I didn't know that!

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