Writing(Array Data) to OPC-UA server by using OPC-UA-IIOT node client

Array_Write_IIOT.json (3.2 KB)

I am trying to write array of data through IIOT opc-UA client to OPC-UA PLC server.
i could able to read/write single integer as well as reading of array of data too. but while writing array of data to OPC-UA server , its keeps on return with error "BadTypeMimatch" - Data type is int16, with array dimension but i m not sure how to provide array dimension value.
Is there a specific format to write array of data via this node

Look examples OPCUA-TEST-NODES.json and this specific tab & area:

thanks for the reply , in the IIOT node we dont have option for Int16 Array as datatype , that where i have an issue

Test with node-red-contrib-opcua

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