Wrong response from " is online" node

HI Team
we are observing inconsistency in the response of "is online" node
We are polling continuously for 10 times, in that we have seen 2 times as false(offline) even we are connected to the internet at that point of time.
Is this already an existing issue or any one fixing this?

That is a contrib node. You will need to ask the author

However, that node is over 5y old - i would be surprised if the author responds.

Why dont you simply do use a http request node to check the internet? Do a GET request to something you know will be on-line, then check the status code returned?

Yes @Steve-Mcl. Thanks for the information.
Will ping the author and try to get the inputs.
We are not sure regarding the restrictions to the urls as it completely depending on location.
But as an alternative we will be going with this for sure.


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