Xiaomi TH sensors


I have quite a few temperature sensors in node and they all show different temperature to the native Xiaomi app.
Humidity is spot on.


Is this a statement or is there a question?

If it is a question, how are you getting the data into Node-RED?
If you are using a node, what is it's full name?
What does the debug show?
What does it show in the Xiaomi app?

It meant to be a question.
I am using node-red-contrib-xiaomi-miio and temperature is showing via node 2-4 degrees lower than app.

that's debug:

no errors being reported.

Ok, the issue has been found.
I have installed different Xiaomi node and all the values are good.

Do not use the miiO node!

you can rate the node on flows.nodered.org if you sign in with your github ID.
But you should also open an issue on the nodes github page to notify the author so the issue can be fixed.

Which contrib node?

As an alternative see also xiaomi-mqtt

node-red-contrib-mi-devices, but again it is not working correctly.
I've added few th sensors and the whole thing flipped out...

TypeError: Cannot read property 'status' of null
at RED.nodes.eachNode (/home/pi/.node-red/node_modules/node-red-contrib-mi-devices/node-red-contrib-xiaomi-gateway/xiaomi-gateway.js:103:41)
at Object.eachNode (/usr/lib/node_modules/node-red/red/runtime/nodes/flows/index.js:196:13)

I will try Xiaomi-mqtt


But again, it’s worth opening an issue against the node so that the author is aware of the problems you experienced and can hopefully improve the node


I've tested several xiaomi contrib-nodes without success and I also asked the authors for help.
The problem is that using dgram (in and out) isn't easy to do in node-red.
In my opinion the best is to use an external app/package.

I did post ongithub

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what have you settled on?

I did build xiaomi-mqtt :wink:

ahhh ok. I will try it.