Youtube video autoplay

Hello everybody!
I've been trying to automatically play a YouTube video in the dashboard for some time.
Here for what I need it, maybe there is another option.
The whole thing is intended for an entrance hall of seminar rooms.
A normal television.
The displays are controlled via a timer node
The participant list (mySQL database) should be displayed before the seminar.
During the break the YouTube video.
After the seminar pictures.
I have solved the database and the photos.
The YouTube video itself too, but it doesn't start itself.

I tried with template node and the embed code from YouTube and also added &autostart=1 to the link itself.
It just doesn't want to start, except as a link, but then I can't get back to the dashboard.

My idea was to generate a mouse click with nbr-keyb-mouse, but I can't get the node to run.

What options are there to start the videos with autoplay or are there other nodes that can generate a mouse click?
I've been searching for many hours but I only keep finding the same things that don't work. I even created a completely new operating system because I thought that was the reason.

Many thanks in advance

You are, I hope, aware that browsers changed some defaults a while back. Now, autostart of media cannot happen unless there has been a user interaction.

I think that you would need some kind of external automation (an app outside the browser).

I've read that before, so I tried clicking with the mouse, but the node doesn't work either :pensive:

Wasn't it something about autoplay only works if audio is muted??

Even if that were the case, it wouldn't be of much use to me because I need the sound from the videos

Once it is running muted you can always unmute and the sound will be heard

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