Z2M Admin/Zigbee2MQTT Admin Panel

I recently installed these nodes onto a RPi 4. I plugged in the CC2531 into the Pi. My question is, how does Node-Red populate with the Zigbee devices? I k now it is probably a stupid question, but I have tried to go into the Dashboard and add items and groups nothing seems to happen.

I've played with this for the past two weeks and added a second flow that will report the status of the batteries in the Zigbee devices. I've paired several device to the CC2531 and the batteries an other data reports fine in this flow.

But the Z2M Admin flow is a bust. I'm not sure what I'm missing and perhaps it is very simple, but I can't seem to get these device to show up in the dashboard. I've not changed anything in the flow. There is a Note node that states "connect this to MQTT OUT", but there is no MQTT node on the flow for out bound messages.

Any help is much appreciated.

Please provide a link for the flow you are trying to use. There are a number of zigbee flows and nodes in the library.

Sorry for the confusion.

That is all right. I use zigbee2mqtt + telegram + aqara sensors as a home alarm system. I just installed then z2m admin panel (never used before) to see if I could be of any help to you. The installation was smooth. I had to install one missing node (ui_list). At a first glance the z2m admin panel seems to work well. It was able to get the list of zigbee devices.

I will have a look in the flow to figure out how you could troubleshoot your environment. Probably the best place to start is with the MQTT configuration.

You mentioned that there is no MQTT node on the flow. I am confused as there are a couple of MQTT nodes in the flow. Can you possibly double check your flow and let me know if you see those two nodes as well as tell me what is their state (pic below) ?

Thanks @Andrei, your small snippet of the flow looks nothing like I had. I say I had, as I deleted the flow as I thought I perhaps had a bad copy and paste.

I'll try it a again and see if I can get it working.

Thanks for the help.

Must have been a bad copy from the flow website. As I just imported the flow and it works. All of my devices are showing up in the dashboard.

Thanks again.

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