Hello. Please help me, I'm new to Node-Red.
I want to read the temperature and humidity in the Sonoff SNZB-02 sensor ...
I managed to connect to it with --- node-red-contrib-tuya-local --- picture attached ....
zigbee senzor
From here I don't know how to make the two read ... temperature and humidity and display them in the dashboard...
I searched the internet but I didn't find anything ..
Please help.
Thank you

I use the node-red-contrib-tuya-smart-device node for Tuya units & zigbee2mqtt for all my zigbee units so I can't give you authorative advice, but the first thing you could do is add a debug node to your node-red-contrib-tuya-local node and see what is coming out of it. If the Sonoff is anything like my Aqara zigbee sensors you may have to wait before you get a response as they tend to only transmit when something changes.

Please show me who is with you, he can go to me too.

I am afraid that post must have lost meaning in the translation as it does not really mean anything.
Did you add a debug node to see what is coming from the Tuya node as @Buckskin suggested?

I don't know how to read the data from the sensor ..... I don't know .... I'm a beginner ...beginner in node- red
I don't know how to read with zigbee2mqtt.
I can't find anything to start with ... to figure out how to do it ...
Thank you for your help .... I give up looking ....

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