Zigbee2mqtt and pairing routers/devices for optimal performance

Zigbee2mqtt users:

My main co-ordinator is a cc2531, and I have four cc2531 routers spread over the house/garden.

Question 1 , do you pair the routers near the main co-ordinator or in their final position?

Seems to me the final position would be better, as they can create meshes with any other routers......

Question 2 , if I unplug a router, will a router using that pathway just lose connection, or try to connect another way?

Picture just for fun:

I started using zigbee devices just a few weeks ago, therefore my knowledge on this topic is limited. I use devices from IKEA, dimmers and lamps. I do not use the router from IKEA, I use a USB stick based on cc2531 connected to a Raspberry Pi.
From what I understood for this infrastructure, which might be applicable for zigbee in general is the following: one router is enough. The devices act as relays for the messages. The network is self organising. My lamps act as message relays since they are powered always. If some idiot switches them off the hard way, the messages find another route.
(This is different from WiFi 802.11a-n, where access points and repeaters are needed to set up a network.)
This is as much as I understood so far. Maybe someone with more experience and know how can expand (and correct my mistakes).
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Hi there, thanks for your thoughts. It makes sense that the network is not fixed and re-routes as needed. I think it is one co-ordinator which is needed, and multiple routers as needed to extend the mesh.

Although I am not new to zigbee, I obviously haven't understood, or forgotten, the basics! :wink:

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