Zip with password

I'm looking for a way to generate a password protected .zip file.
I want to use it to send mails with encrypted zip as attachment.

Does someone know if/how this can be done?


Which OS? Windows / Linux / Mac.

Node-Red running as Docker.

You could do this with an exec node:

I'll try that. Thanks.

That could be an issue running in Docker as you will need to have the application installed in the container. Perhaps it is already. @robvoi, Is there a reason you are using Docker?

Using docker, because it is running as part of a bigger selfhosted environment.

It worked.
I had to install zip in the container. So I need to install it again, when I update the container. But that's ok.


Good. Also be aware that ZIP encryption is not very secure!

OK. Thanks for the warning!

@ghayne Is trying to help you here.

please Encrypt / protect the data before you zip. If you want it secure.

Cpu core counts are getting cheap. My used 2017 server I picked up for $700 eats zip passwords for breakfast.

Rather than manually install zip each time you update the container use Docker Compose as this gives you the ability to add packages (or run specific commands) in each time automatically...

Plenty of examples around but this may get you started

Pure brute force?
Just out of curiosity, how long does it chew on a random 32 char (stong) password?

Perfect. I’ll dig into this.

Using tables
32 char - 10 of millions of years
16 char - years/months
12 char - days/hours
8 char - minutes

Truly random using full 94 char set
32 char - 100 of millions of years
16 char - 10 of millions of years
12 char - years/months
8 char - days/hours

If i know its 32 char long using the standard 94 char set - 1 million years give or take :slight_smile:

That is one loooooooong breakfast :wink:

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OK. that's confidential enough for my use case. :stuck_out_tongue:
Integrity doesn't matter in it.

Thanks for all the support and information. :slight_smile:

Not if you are a hobbit :smile:


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