Zone presence detection for my kids school

I'm Trying to make it when my wife pick up the kids from school, when she leaves that zone and enters home zone. I want the garage to open. Im new to node red and wanted to see if this would work

Sorry, not clear what those nodes are or where they come from. Nor is it clear what device(s) and apps are being used for the location info.

my apologies, i'm using node red via home assistant. The zones are from my home assistant zones I created. The blue are zone nodes for me and my wife when we enter our kids school and enter the home zone. The switch yellow node is to determine if we are entering or leaving the zone. Once we enter the home zone I added a call service to open/close the garage if we enter or leave the home zone.

That still doesn't say what devices and software you and your wife are using to send updated location info. Some kind of mobile phone and app I assume?

I'm afraid I don't use HA so couldn't comment on that part (most of the responders on this forum don't use HA either, we work mostly direct with Node-RED.

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