[0.5 Release on Play,App Store] A mobile client for Node-RED Dashboard and Admin (update 09Nov)

Successfully make background location working. Even turn off phone screen and app still track data and sent to server. This make location feature of app become more practical when we could get location data even app not active.

Because using a famous library, this feature has been proved to be battery saving. So really excited to use for my Smart home now

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First official release 0.5 update with a working background location tracking. Info on first post

You've misspelled node-RED in the Google play store.

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Tks, fixed now, must be really sleepy at that time. Submit app is time consuming

Update today: IOS App store approved. Now you can download and give it a try. Info on first post

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On Xiaomi redmi note 9, with dark theme on the phone, the apk gots dark too
(becomes a little unreadable)

Amazing work btw

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Wierd behavior, i am using dark mode too and dont suffer that.
Will use some other device for testing

Maybe a stupid question but is it possible to select multiple nodes like with the lasso tool or some other way? Thanks

I will find a way to implement this. Forget the need for multiple selection

Thanks and thank you for making this app.

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It would be great if you could consider discussing it with Nick/Dave and contributing the solution to Node-RED's touch interface code. I'd say it'd be best to solve rhe issue at the source in this case.


Editor is reaching mature phase and could be release soon. From screenshot it could edit tab, group, node; add new group, node, drag and drop, resize ui

Will be released after PR for dashboard accepted

Amazing, can't wait to try it out :+1:

Thread continued at - [0.7] Node-RED Client Editor app update: Push Notification (22 Nov)