Node Red in Home Assistant on a small screen

This is probably really obvious but I can’t see how. If I have node Red installed on home assistant and use the home assistant app on my phone (iOS) the formatting makes it practically unusable. I’m guessing that there is a mobile web page and that this one is designed for big screens. Is there a way to tell the HA app to use the mobile web interface?
Or maybe I need to log onto NR using the web and not use the HA App?
Seems a bit daft that the HA app that knows it is on a phone doesn’t automatically request the display for a phone.

Are you talking about the NR dashboard or the flow editor ?

The flow editor. The very first page that loads by default. Maybe I can change it somehow so the default isn’t the flow editor and it becomes useful, although unless it is very simple I doubt I can access the control without a big screen.

I don't use HA, but I can say I would not recommend trying to edit flows on a phone :wink:
You can create a dashboard layout that can be used on a phone, but there is no "mobile" version of NR.
You would simply have to keep the sizes of your dashboard groups narrow enough to fit the screen you are using.

That is a pity. Same applies to TVs with a TV remote. Just tried Node Red on my smart TV. I can create nodes fine but linking them is almost impossible give the lack of granularity in the remote control.

In HA there’s a phone App that allows most functionality for itself, although the automations are simpler than can be done in Node Red. Suspect their “scripts” can access the more complicated stuff but that sounds too much like programming.

What would you like to change it to?

I haven’t installed the dashboard on node red yet but maybe a dashboard of the more complex node red stuff would be useful. The simple stuff like devices being on/off I can just do in the Home Assistant dashboard.

Maybe debugging so I could walk around with my phone and open/close stuff with sensors on it etc. and see what happens. At present I leave my PC and run to the door etc. open it in close it and then run back to the PC to read the output in the debugger.

I suggest that you experiment with node-red-dashboard to achieve what you want, then you can setup your phone with a direct link to your_ip:1880/ui and it will take you straight there.

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