Which is the best Dashboard for Ios?

HI guys, sorry for the silly question if it can appear that..
I developed the flow I needed and I configured Alexa to work on my system too (based on wall swtiches), now it's time to add phone as control (even remotely, by internet). I'm looking for an app, which can be easly started on phone (instead of using broswer, login, and Node Red http dashboard), and somehow easly configured.. I mean, to create on it the layout with button, sliders, indicators, meters, etc. before installing the app on phone, or.. maybe be possible to use an app that let build up layout on phone, but also let save it on a file to import in case of new phone (and not rebuild all!)
It can work on mqtt I suppose..
Or maybe there is alread a Node red dashboard app already? (that work with http as the browser one?) thet sould be great! Because it's layout is already configured on Node Red..
I'm finding some apps on Google Play (Android), mqtt, ok, just I don't know (and don't suppose) that is possible to create layout before and import on app too.

The Apple Home app ? Use node-red-homekit-bridged to hook it up.

The HomeKit solution mentioned above makes sense as it’s right in the iOS dashboard thingy. I’ve also been looking at http://thehomeremote.com/ which looks quite advanced and supports MQTT I’ve only had a little play tho.

thank you mates for suggestions, seems Homekit is the one.. have you had experience with it? I've a couple of questions about:
How to create layout? Should you do it on the phone and will it be saved on cloud to the account? So eventually can be transfered easly and automatic to new phones in future?
Does it work by cloud/Can it work by internet so? Should we expose node red to internet for that? Or should be present an Apple TV for example (or any other Apple device, which one?) for creating a Cloud access? I have a spare IPad..
I guess it's not working by mqtt, I need to install and see how the module works, is it bidirectional communication? Does it supports notifications from NOde Red to phone?

Thank you a lot!

It’s not really a dashboard your creating but the individual devices HomeKit can see. You create devices in node red like switches, lights, thermostats and plugs. These devices then show up in the HomeKit (once paired) and then you can move them around into different rooms, make favourite on the iPhone, etc.. I think you need to do with every device. For remote support you’ll need a hub like the AppleTv or iPad (left at home), there’s nothing more to enable for remote access.

It doesn’t support notifications (as far as I’m aware), me personally I use Telegram for that.

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Take a look at the eve app a homekit frontend it’s more feature complete than the apple homekit app

Thank you a lot, it's clear,
Robbo do you know if the layout will be saved on cloud and created automatically on next phone, or on phones with same account?

ukmoose the eve app uses the homekit protocol? I mean the same component in Node Red and it is just a better way to have homekit? Does it supports notifications?
Thank you

Yes the Eve app uses the home kit protocol https://www.evehome.com/en/eve-app
Yes it supports notifications if the data type supports notifications

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Can also have a Jailbroken iPhone 5s and above with the HomeKit Hub enabler installed.