Node red dashboard on apple watch

is it possible to have some switches of the nodered dashboard on apple watch?
Thanks for any hint.


But, you can create a work around (kind of)

Example : The TV & Alarm System on my watch you see, IS NOT HomeKit Certified
but is there because of the emulation node.

(You will need a HomeKit Home Hub : Home Pod or ATV 4K etc etc)


Hello there
I trigger my automations fron iWatch using the the Apple shortcuts application.
Inside the shortcut I use the "get contents of URL" action which calls an URL provided by node-red via the "http in" node.
This allows me to turn lights on/off, send vacuum robot to rooms, etc

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Hmm...I'm going to have to look into this to turn on my coffee pot in the mornings!

I'm using the same Homekit-Bridget solution and moved away from Alexa (no device limit with this :grinning: )

Now I can control all my devices via Siri any of my tablets and even on iWatch .. as shown by @marcus-j-davies