Dashboard Sharing

Users need quick access to the “dashboard” to switch lights on/off. Hunting for a bookmarked web address is fine for testing but is a cumbersome light switch!

Apple puts HomeKit items right into the iOS Control Center pull-down. Other programmable hubs (like Home Assistant) offer an “dashboard app” which gives users 1-click access. These solutions also allow for separation of rights between dashboard users (use a switch) and developer rights (delete a node).

Node Red flows offer great stubs for programming and visualization, but its real-world utility is impaired by no 1-click access point that can be safely shared with house members.

Please let me know if I am missing something.

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On what device are the users wishing to view the dashboard?

Smartphones and tablets. iOS/Android

I don't know about iPhones but on Android if you go to the dashboard then you can use Add to Home Page to get a shortcut to it on the phone's home page.

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You can always create a web page that works offline. It can be saved as a home-page "app".

Thanks for the thoughts!

The first option takes 4 clicks to turn on a light (open browser, open a new page, select "Node-Red"). We'll all be yelling for Alexa instead...

A "homepage app", as TotallyInformation suggests, that would open the same URL every time sounds viable (2 clicks to switch on a light). I couldn't find an app that does this, though. Any suggestions?

I found out how to do that on iOS:

Load the Dashboard in Safari, hit the "Share" icon and then scroll down to "Add to Home Screen".

Done! Thanks for the idea.

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... and contributed nodes give the option to bridge Node-RED functionality into HomeKit - very easily.
Have you ever tried to use e.g. this package?

I started playing with that package but couldn’t get it to function. First the install failed to populate all dependent service nodes. Then the basic “switch example” did not create a HomeKit accessory key. Perhaps it is worth another shot?

The developer advertises Discord for discussion and asking questions. However, their “invitation” fails on the Discord server after requiring the creation of an account.

Definitely - from my perspective. I'm running an installation, meanwhile for years, without any issue and maximum WAF :wink: !
If you create an initial flow & share it here, I'm convinced this community will support you in getting it operational...

It seems to be buggy at the installation point (again). I'll post the issue to the correct topic area now.

I'm not sure I can follow you.
Just did a quick install via the palette manager ... which ran smoothly. But perhaps you're referring to something else...
What's the issue you encounter?

BTW: Could you please post the versions of Node-RED and Node.js you're currently using?!

Since we've moved off of the "Dashboard" topic, I opened a new thread to present my issue with the installation.

From personal experience, and for maximum WAF, I've always found that the best UI for a light switch is, er, a light switch. I've found that family members do not appreciate my hobby of automating stuff (not that switching on a light with a switch is "automation") and finding a phone, unlocking it, navigating to the right app then the right page / widget before clicking on it, just to turn on a light, is not progress compared with just pressing a switch on the wall like we've been doing for a hundred years.

Dashboards on phones or tablets are great for more complex control or monitoring of multiple scenarios (and Julian's is awesome) but I try always to have switches available that do exactly what they look like they are supposed to do. Saves me having to brief visitors on how to do basic stuff like turn on the lights too. If you don't have enough switches close to where to need to be then install some more. There are various battery powered or even energy harvesting "Encocean" switches that can be stuck literally anywhere.

Light switches are not being replaced. I agree, you do need them as a backup and for the uneducated visitor. However, motion sensors, speech triggers and smartphone screens are already used more often than switches in our house.

P.S. WAF? You make me feel unwelcomed. Please use grown-up, non-sexist language. Is this a forum for giggling little boys?

Please lets treat each other with respect in the forum. The response you are responding to was made in good faith and in a light-hearted way. Many in the forum will understand the desire and need to ensure that non-technical members of their family are the important ones when working with home automation. This is neither sexist nor childish.


Please simply know that at least one person here finds sexually-polarized language offensive, even in "light-hearted ways". All we can derive from the last post is that TotallyInformation defends the "WAF" expression as non-offending and is in agreement that "wives" are equal to "non-technical members".

Not helpful and incorrect. You have made a point, now lets move on to more productive discussion. Indeed, I note that this thread has been marked as solved so I am closing it.