How does your dashboards and mobile access look like?

How does your dashboards and mobile access look like?

I recently moved my smart home system to node-red and I'm quite excited about this. Just the Dashboard is not what I would expect from a smart home system. I'm looking for a dashboard which can be used on mobile phones (iphone and android) and on a wall mounted tablet. Openhab has a quite good approach with the Basic UI (for mobile access) and HABpanel for Tablets etc. but I don't want to run both, node-red and openhab.

I would like to know how you have realized the dashboard visualisation and mobile phone access? Have you used the node-red-dashboard or something else?

Looking forward to get an idea of what you are using.

It is only in more recent versions of Dashboard and more recent mobile browsers that Dashboard has become more mobile friendly. Of necessity, it is rather "heavy". But as long as you keep the dashboards reasonably simple, you shouldn't have too many issues. Takes a bit of trial and error to get right if you aren't a web design guru.

Personally, I prefer to use dedicated web pages with a more custom design approach as these tend to be faster and more compatible with mobile browsers.

Truthfully though, I more often create an interface using Telegram as this is secure over the internet not just locally and has great mobile support in addition to desktop. You are more limited though so it is good for simple command/response interfaces rather than full dashboards. I often use Grafana to do fancy dashboards.

All this sounds very complicated to me. Writing own web pages is not an option to me. However, What do you mean with "create an interface using Telegram". How does this looks like? Do you need to send a kind of chat message to your bot in order to do some commands or is there any kind of GUI which can be used on top of Telegram?

What are you others using for dashboard solutions?

A few example outputs. This is effectively the house "chatting" to me to let me know what is going on:

But I can also issue commands:


You can also create conversational interfaces. For example, if I issue the /light command without enough information, the bot will prompt me. It also lets me to either /light on 1 or /light 1 on.

True conversational interfaces are quite complex to get right though and I've found that commands are a lot simpler. Might not be easiest for SWMBO though :wink: