14 LED's with 8 colors . HELP

i want to use a numeric to change 8 diffrent colors and use 14 buttons to set 14 leds. But i m stuck because i m very new in node red can you suggest some Ideas.


Ok, to get better help you may need to post the flow.

Select all the nodes you want to include in the example/part of the flow, go to the top right corner and click the black "hamburger" (I believe is it's called). Not the browser one, the black on under the browser's.

Scroll down and export, to clip board.

Then when posting here, start the tread and when ready to paste the code prefix it with 3 ` symbols.
(That's the one to the left of the 1 button)
then at the end put another 3 of them.

But looking at your flow, I see a couple of problems/questions:

1 - why do you have other inputs to the ws2812 LED strip node?
2 - where is the message created to be sent to the LEDs in the shown part of the flow?