15-Segment Lightbox with Node-Red and WLED

Hello everyone. This is my first post here but I've been using Node-Red for a couple of years now. Its one of my favourite pieces of software and I use it for many projects including home security and environmental control.

My latest project is a lightbox for product photography. It has 15 separate zones that you can light up and change colours at will. It uses the Node-Red dashboard to control an instance of WLED running on an ESP32, controlling a strip of LED lights.

There are improvements to be made for sure, but it works and is a great starting point for your own lightbox.

Its a two-part post with the important bit about Node-Red in part 2. Here's that link:


Here's part One which contains the introduction:


I know I still have a lot to learn, and indeed I'm already working on another version of the same thing, implementing new things I learned along the way. Thanks for looking and I can't wait for suggestions.

Thanks Guys!


Nice project and stylish blogpost - :+1:
Iā€˜m not into photography but i have some suggestions:

  • have you considered RGBW (preferable Natural white around 4000k like the SK6812? To get a wider color spectrum.
  • perhaps consider to use chroma.js for nice and perhaps interesting color scales (with constant luminance and other cool features) to make use of all your single addressable LEDs
  • perhaps use web sockets to tune your LED with less latency instead HTTP/JSON interactive from the UI

I have a strip in my drawer for months but never enough time to start a project. Perhaps on a rainy weekend.

Hey Chris. Thanks for looking at my project, and thanks so much for your feedback.

I haven't looked into the RGBWs yet but I'll be looking into that asap, thanks for the suggestion. There was a definite colour cast in the 2812s that I would hope the RGBWs don't have.

If I decide to take this project into alpha v2 I'll definitely give your suggestions a go.