Nice RGB LED sequences?

Hi all,

Now that I'm getting to grips with my Shellies. I am interested in making best use of the Shelly LED driver. This lets me remote set R, G, and B values from 0-255 as well as setting an overall "gain" from 0-100%.

While the built-in controller has a couple of sequences pre-programmed, they are pretty boring.

So I'm putting out a call for some nice RGB LED sequences that I can set up in Node-RED. I have a 5m string of RGB LED's, they are only cheap ones but still I have them wrapped around my office desk at the moment (where I spend most of my waking hours!) and would love to experiment with colour.

If I can get some nice enough effects, I may even be able to persuade my wife to allow them elsewhere in the house :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

There must be someone more creative than me out there who either knows where some sequences can be found or is clever enough to make some up!


I have a a few strips around the house wired to Wemos D1 running wled

It can be interfaced to node red and has 100's of effects you can select from.


Interesting. I can see that a couple of people seem to have built firmware for the Shelly. I was hoping to avoid having to change firmware but I guess if I want the best from it.

I have done a couple of rainbow effects purely from Node-RED via MQTT.

Hi @smcgann99,
Thanks for sharing this nice link! Do you know if there is somewhere an overview of those effects available?

There is lots of info in the wiki -

I guess if you looked at the source, you may be able to translate that into node red to copy some nice effects ?

Awesome. Thanks!!

I had a quick look at the code of the effects, but not sure whether that will be easy to translate.

Hence I just flashed the firmware and switch it from node red :wink:


i have it running here and its very nice

Something special?


@BartButenaers @TotallyInformation I forgot to mention there are already several nodes and flows related to controlling WLED

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That link with the large amount of effects had immediate my attention, because it would have been a nice node if we could have used that code. But only if it was a quick win (due to my lack of time), but unfortunately that isn't the case...

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