2 output HDMI with VLC + nodered

Hi everybody,

I have little question about node red and 2 HDMI

I need to launch 2 videos on each port. Vidéo A on port 1 and Vidéo B on port 2.

So i have loop on port A with this code :
export DISPLAY=:0 && cvlc /home/timoxy/Desktop/boucledef.mp4
in a exec node

To launch an other clip on port B i use this :
export DISPLAY=:1 && cvlc /home/timoxy/Desktop/eclipse70.mp4
But the video doesn't start.

So my question, how to know the number of hdmi on my pi 4 ?

Best to ask these sort of things on the Pi forum and then come back here if you can't get the same thing to work in an exec node

Thanks to you reply cymplecy,

But on the raspberry pi forum i don't find my answer ... So it's for that i'm here.

Do those commands work if you connect to the pi using ssh and then run them in the ssh terminal? If not then you need to sort out what commands you need. Once that works then try in an exec node.

I tried many thing today but nothing works well.

i'm seem impossible to send easily the second vidéo on HDMI2 directly ...

only one thing works but is not perfect. I use terminal gnome and i move the vlc windows in X and Y, but when i launch a vidéo the terminal opening few second and launch the vidéo. For me is not possible.

With omx player it was very easy but with vlc is very difficult...

I don't find the solution to loop a single vidéo and i don't find the solution to play a vidéo on the second monitor... it's incredible...

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