2021-01-11-raspios-buster-armhf-full.zip has old node-red!

I'm setting up a Pi3B+ to use the "official" 7" touch screen and was shocked to find it had node-red installed, would be pleasant if it weren't such an old version!

node-red v1.0.6
nodejs v10.23.1

I assume running the bash install script will set things right, whcih is running as I type this, but this might generate headaches for the fine folks supporting node-red, so I thought a heads-up might be in order.

Its been a while since I setup a Pi, but last time node-red was not part of the default installation which was considered a good thing.

An official distribution will almost always be out of date, that is why it is recommended to use the script.

Is it actually installed in the distribution, or just available?

It was actually part of the image that I downloaded, that is how I knew all the version info -- started it from the menu selection.

The bash script removed it and installed current version. After having it been removed from the previous images I'd installed, I thought it strange they'd put back in with an old version.

The Pi 7" touch screen works quite well displaying my dashboard. Better than I'd expected, but then perhaps my expectations were pretty low.

I need to investigate various "Kiosk" mode software, so I can reclaim the menubar and browser titlebar etc, but it is usable out of the box, although the "wasted space" used on GUI "decorations" is a bit frustrating.

The "pinch zoom" touchscreen effect is really nice when taking a closer look at my dashboard images.

It is included in the full install, and is available in their repo to install for the desktop and minimal installs. As Colin said it will always be a bit behind the actual release, not least as we like to let the minor fixes get sorted first. But it should get updated soon.

Of course the script is the preferred way as that also uses a more recent version of nodejs and allows for security patches for that as well.

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