4 ui buttons using single ui template node

Hello Sir I wanted to ask if there is a way to create 4 buttons using a single ui node. Each of these buttons are momentary push button. Currently for each button I am using 4 different templates node and combining them so that I could get a single output from the 4 buttons. I don't know anything about ui template node and java whatsoever. Thanks in advance

Hi @KamranDurrani how will be your output for 4 buttons? or how would you like it?
may be you do not need use a single template... for example, you can save the button value in an array, with a function node, to get a single output with 4 values...

button 1 -> array[0] = false/true
button 2 -> array[1] = false/true
button 3 -> array[2] = false/true
button 4 -> array[3] = false/true

your output could be: array[index];
it is only an basic example, but i do not know your logic or project!!

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