A Couple Basic Noob Questions

Hi All,

I have one tab with it's label showing in dashboard mode. Can I somehow center the text? What about text size?

In the tab are 4 groups with minor text (label) alignment issues. Padding moves everything and adding spaces in front of the label name does nothing. Is there some way to "nudge" labels around?

I have a button from the basic palette that needs to be momentary, but it seems to be either on or off. I have it temp "wired" to a pair of LED's and a debug node, but once pressed, none ever "release". Also the button text is tiny, can it be enlarged?

And I have a gauge in one group that is a half-circle. Can it be shown as a quarter circle?



A picture is worth a thousand words and an annotated picture is worth even more.
(the flow would be useful too)

Well, it actually looks better on the phone, which will be the access point.

"GTO-500 Gate Opener" is the label of the one tab I have. I'd like it to be centered, especially if someone were to use a tablet or computer and stretch the image.

Everything else is in 4 groups, all these groups are a smidge too far right and need to be centered.

The (boolean) button seems to be "sticky" (either on or off). When I wire it to a debug node it's clear until the first click, then the DB node shows true all the time. I need it to only show true while it's pressed.

The button text is too small, and the click feedback is minimal to the point where it's hard to discern if it was actually clicked.

I can live with the gauge, or I might experiment with a progress bar instead.

This is essentially a "garage door opener" with feedback from the opener showing the limit switch status (LEDs) and the approximate (time based) travel of the gate.



can you export the flow or at least the parts that make up the dashboard and attach it to a reply

Prolly not, I'm so new to this I don't know how yet. I'll look for a tutorial tomorrow.


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