Button Label location

i have update node-red and updated the dashboard after the update my button label is moved how can I move it back because we don't like it. See the pictures before(text above button) and after(text in the button)

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How your buttons are made? By using ui_template? Or some custom node?

sorry i use the the gauge -donut a standard node

Seems like new version of justgauge needs a bit adjustments of CSS. All full circle layouts seems to have near same issue.

is there a easy fix?

I have no success. But people working on issue so there will be fix I hope very soon.
Same issue in parallel thread. Gauge node (compass) in Dashboard v2.19
I think we can close this thread here.

Yes is the same this one can b e closed i watch the new issue.

thanks for your help!

I've pushed a change to the master branch for people to try.

(and I'll lock this thread - and use the other for here on. )