A recommended RS232 (USB will be great) GSM Module

Uhh Hi!

I am currently involved in a project that aims to achieve the following.

  • Automated divert changes according to a schedule
    (i.e Joe Bloggs is now on call, so divert calls to Joe Bloggs - and let Joe know via an SMS)

  • Send SMS to whoever is currenlty on-call to advise of any detected system outage

  • Ability to receive an SMS - that will trigger manual divert changes, or to trigger other things in Node RED etc etc

Most of this I know how todo with Serial AT Commands.

What I would like is some input into any device that some folk might recommended?

Here is some info that I am working with.

  • UK EE Network (1800MHz, 2100MHz, 800MHz) <- I believe

  • 2G is due to end in the UK around 2033 - so no immediate danger of losing SMS functions, for devices that don't have 4G/LTE support - BUT, it will still be nice (as long as its supports the Serial AT command set)

  • The number is widley known in our business - and its sim is currently placed in a smart phone - where we manage diverts manually :face_vomiting: - but obviously it cant test our systems (Node RED will do that) - hence the need for Serial AT to drive comms.

  • I can use a serial USB adapter if needs be, but still needs to be a wired device, and not a hat of some kind

Go! (and thanks) :smiley:

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