Recommend SMS module?

Is there a recommended SMS module for Node Red? Unfortunately, I can't use node-red-contrib-smstools, every time I add it to my environment and attempt to use it... Odd issues result, dashboard keeps report connection lost, and the flow that includes the sms-out or sms-in nodes crashes, just seems that the flow locks up.

do you "need" SMS ? or would telegram also work ?

... or some dedicated push notification service/app like Pushover or Pushbullet for example?

I see a benefit of SMS though if you don't have a reliable Internet connection, if wanting to control an SMS controlled device or if needing to notify random people based on just a phone number.

I could use telegram or pushover... But I and my phone are often outside of my wifi range. Hence, the desire for SMS use. Just unfortunate that node-red-contrib-smstools seems to be buggy at this time.

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