A small wall mount PI Zero with touch screen

Hi folks,

Came across a wall mount touch screen for a Raspberry PI zero:

Which is sold here for 45 EUR.

Note that the Raspberry Zero seems not to be included!

But since it is a Raspberry PI Zero, you can run Node-RED and a Node-RED dashboard on this device.
Thought this might be interesting for some folks in the community...



Nice product but I’m not sure a pi zero would handle running a browser to show the dashboard to well :thinking: would have preferred a pi 3a+ compatibility as it looks like it could fit in the casing.


Good comment ... Of course it only has to show a dashboard.
A PI 3 would become a bit too expensive for me, since I would like to have something like this in a lot of places in my home. One for displaying a thermostat, one for displaying an alarm keypad, ...

But would be nice if somebody could share his experience with a dashboard on a RPI Zero here with us...

I am using an old RPi Zero (Raspberry Pi OS Lite) to test some things, works fine with node-red and the dashboard. Only the update script runs a bit longer and a deploy takes a few seconds more but it works well once deployed.


Of course, you need to be able to get hold of enough Zero's.
I ordered two of those last year, and I had to pre-order them and the delivery took almost 5 months (from a Belgian shop nearby)...

Hmm, expensive considering that you can get a 7" Android tablet for not much more!

Amazon.co.uk : 7 Inch Android Tablet

Yes have been searching also last year for tablets. But don't want to see wires, don't want to have to charge batteries, and should be flat to the wall (without a gap with wires or visible sockets behind it ...).
Did find a couple of solutions that offer that for tablets, but then it was much more expensive.
But indeed if you don't have those requirements, then it might be another solution.

The price is indeed quite high, if you want to have a series of those. Have been looking for a 3D housing to print, but this one has a better WAF factor compared to the 3D models that I have found...

You any good at woodwork?

If you are, especially if you have a dremel or similar (I have a lovely low cost one from Tacklife), it shouldn't be too hard to make something really tasteful, like a tiny picture frame, that would hide any wires or allow you to mount a pi/screen/battery combo.

Or indeed an ESP32/screen/battery combo. I've a nice looking M5stack core basic on a stand. It comes with a battery but too small to be of much use on its own, you can get a larger battery though, all the parts are plug and play. The base unit has a temperature/humidity sensor in it and a tiny perfboard type space for your own electronics. Not especially cheap themselves but they have occasional sales. Not touch screen, it has 3 physical buttons.

Have considered that also, but I'm never going to have the same look as in the picture above...

Yes I also had a look at that. But you know that I'm a Node-RED freak, so how cool with it be to run it all solely on Node-RED dashboards ... My ultimate home automation dream ...

I'm now wondering whether it is possible to add a temperature sensor inside the case, like this:


Because the little slits was something that immediately got my attention. If I would put a temperature sensor in the case and measure it via the GPIO ports of the RPI Zero, then I could build a nice Node-RED based thermostat...

But not sure whether enough air would flow throuw the case, to make sure that we measure the room temperature instead of the RPI Zero temperature ...

I think the 3A+ is a very interesting, often overlooked board, I was only having a look at the specs last week.


One of my favorites. I use them as satellites for my nodered based voice assistant. I designed a small case that fits the pi, a respeaker mic hat and a small speaker for it:


Fully agree. The 3A+ model performs much better than the Pi zero when there is the need to run the desktop image and use Chrome for the dashboard.

The question is whether it is necessary? Perhaps not, I don't know...
But on such a small screen, you will only display a few widgets. Not an entire desktop screen with interactive floorplans, and similar stuff...

@fellinga : would be nice if you could share some more info. Did you use Chrome, or another browser? And do you think it is responsive enough for the average wife? :wink:

Does I2C work with Pi GPIO? I'd use a much smaller sensor like the Si7021 or BME/P280.

But you would need to be careful to keep the sensor far enough from the Pi otherwise the readings will be way off. I have a hat for the D1-Mini that is worthless because the ESP8266 sits underneath and throws out the readings (doesn't help that it is a DHT22).

Indeed, I couldn´t agree more. I am wondering how this device handles graphics. My guess is that the pi zero will not run the Raspbian Desktop environment. Probably using low level / framebufffer programming / fbi?

I have a few PiZero-W running around the house with node-red. They don't have displays, but I keep a virtual desktop open on my main computer that displays their dashboard in separate browser windows. With Chromium's "resume where you left off" it'd be perfect if Chromium knew about virtual desktops, I have to move them to the virtual desktop manually after I reboot, which isn't often.

An old out of contract cellphone "wifi only" seemed perfect but I've not had much luck with the dashboard webpage staying up with Chrome on Android. Occasionally (once a month or less) I get the "Oops something when wrong on the desktop and need to refresh the page, but on the Android phone its every few hours.

I have run the full Raspbian desktop on the PiZero-W and it is sluggish but it does work. It might be better on an 800x600 panel compared to a 1080p display (fewer pixels to push) but then you don't have much screen real-estate to work with.

My AI system controller/viewer would be about perfect on an 8" android tablet, if I could find one where the webpage wasn't always "Oops" when I do need to look at it (rarely, by design).

Thats why i send my d1s into deepsleep and only wake them every 5 Minutes for a temperature reading.
I would expect the same to be true if not even worse for a pi zero driving a display.

Are you running the browser on the zero?

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That's what I do too. But keeping the sensor away from the board as @TotallyInformation stated is also good practice.

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