Best touch screen to use with NR dashboard?


Currently I’m using my iPad to interact with my dashboard, but as that’s also used for work and so many other things, I’m wondering if there is a better (lower cost and more permanent) option I could use ? I’d love to have something like a ‘console’ or large remote control set up in the living room, or maybe on a wall somewhere ?

What are others using ?

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I dont have a "control" or something, but the other day I found these 5.7" chinese android phones for like $50 to $70, they have a nice full screen, and you only have to run a browser in kiosk mode with wifi to make a nice control center/dashboard. You can hang them on the wall with a magnet or something. I might go that route one day.

If a person goes this route, then I'd suggest using one of the many MQTT dashboard type apps in the play store. Simple to make custom pages for multiple users on multiple devices.

There are loads of relatively cheap Android tablets including the Amazon Fire (recently on sale, not sure if they still are).

You might even still be able to pick up a cheap 10" Windows 10 tablet, I have a Linx which works very well.

As Steve points out, on Android, you also have the option to use a more dedicated app rather than relying purely on Dashboard.

If you are feeling adventurous, you could also build an offline capable web app using uibuilder :wink:

Thanks all

Julian - what app are you referring to ?

I did actually have a look at uibuilder a while ago, but it looked too complicated for some like me - with little to no programming experience.

Thanks @bakman2

I’d ideally like something bigger, but that looks interesting.
Do you know/recommend - ?

It could be great to have another screen in the house set up, that is more fixed and to be powered/connected using PoE (something like these -

There are various Android apps designed to support home automation and that let you build mobile (touch) apps. Typically, as Steve mentions, they talk to MQTT so you can use that as the message broker between Node-RED and your app rather than having to rely on websockets and/or REST calls.

I think that HomeRemote might be available on Android though I use it (occasionally) on iOS.

Well that would make it a little more challenging that is true :smile: but it depends whether you are wanting to be challenged.

uibuilder lets you build up your own custom web app bit-by-bit while taking care of the hard bits (comms between the web app and Node-RED) for you. You do need to learn how to build web apps though. If you do go down that route, check out the examples on the WIKI. I would recommend using bootstrap and vue as a newcomer. But yes, certainly a fairly steep learning curve.

I have a 50" plasma doing nothing. I have actually run up the NR dashboard on it. Sort of blows the mind.

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Don't go touching a plasma though :exploding_head: :slight_smile: