A Swear Jar Button

So I created a swear jar button, any time I swear I have to press this button, it then deposits a pound into my savings account.


Nice photo, but are you going to share the code that goes with this project?

yes, I made a node-red node called node-red-contrib-monzo, you can get it on the node-red palette, or install in via npm

But you haven't shared the project, you just shown a photo and now told us about a node we could use. But how does the button hook into it all, what is the flow? Are there any special configurations that are needed? Does it work for any bank or only specific ones? What the heck is monzo? (I have yet to look at the node but still it would be nice to explain what it is since you are sharing your project.)

Sorry I was under the impression that by share project it meant, share/tell about projects.

Monzo is a UK bank that has an open API, I created a node-red node to connect to it.

For the button to work it requires you to have a Monzo current account.
The button is a Wemos board that connects via MQTT straight into the Monzo node that then completes the deposit.
it is very basic and is just two nodes, MQTT In and Monzo Out, all the hard work is done in the node itself.

@Sheaffy we welcome projects shared in whatever fashion the author wants. There's no requirement to share every technical detail - even just the high level description is enough to inspire others. Of course, the more detail, the easier it is for others to reproduce.

Having just moved house and finally able to wave goodbye to my old mortgage provider and its linked bank account, I'm looking forward to getting setup with Monzo. Really impressed by what they are doing and how developer friendly they are.

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Ahhh, living in the US, I've never heard about it.

Thanks, thist gives me a much better idea of the project and how you set it up.

BTY, did you print the button box yourself, it looks great!

Very nice - presumably it's actually just moving money from your balance into one of your saving pots ?

With quite a few banks (in UK) starting to offer up OpenBanking APIs - In theory they should all be following the spec but I wonder how exactly they will... ie will we need a node for each bank...

Yes it does deposit into a savings pot, you can also withdraw from it. As for the open banking API I hear that Monzo will eventually do this. I am also unsure if everyone will follow the same spec, even if that is the case id imagine you could either have one node for each bank, OR have one node that can connect to all.

Isn't the point of a swear jar that the money goes to a worthwhile cause rather than moving it from one of your accounts to another?

the savings pot is called "holiday fund", so i would say it is worthwhile :slight_smile:

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So the more you swear the better the holiday you can have? Sounds like a good plan, I definitely need to set up a similar system.


Well i was recently thinking to have continuous voice recognition to detect specific swear words, to then automatically deposit the money, with different values for different words :laughing:.... there is a lot more we could do.

Speech-to-text followed by a small tweak to the logic of node-red-node-badwords?

@Sheaffy, Good node! How are you actually doing the transfer of funds into the pot? From what I can see, the node only returns balances for you. Or is there a magic set of properties that I can feed into it to transfer some money?

That is using the Monzo out node, coming in version 1.2.0 :slight_smile: will be publishing to npm soonish.