Hello there!

I really like the amazon dash buttons for all kind of things. They are cheap and easy to use around the house...

In general the node works but I've noticed that every "deploy" results in an additional "button pressed" signal into node red. After a restart of node red it starts from 0. So that's reproducible.
I've opened a ticket but it seems the owner is no longer responding.

I know I could use a "debounce" its just not pretty...
Would anyone of you maybe have a look on what the problem might be? I'm not programmer enough...

Just asking...maybe its an easy fix...



As this is a contributed node, it is probably best to raise an issue on the node's GitHub repository.


which I did some time ago with no answer hence the question here
maybe someone wants to pick it up...


reading the source for node-dash-buttons there appears to be a debounce issue full stop. The button often triggers multiple inputs. I'd add a debounce node after the button input regardless. Also, you could potentially add a rbe node in there if its simply pushing on the same data it has. I've not got a button to suggest any more sorry.


Unfortunately, if it is abandoned, the only recourse is to clone it and produce your own version.