Node-red on debian - libpcap/amazon dash

hi guys, I have recently resurrected my old netbook (samsung nc10) and installed debian 9 on it. works great, good learning curve and NR works much faster than on raspi for example.

So far I have managed to install most palletes/nodes without greater problem. The only one I am struggling with at the moment is libpcap to sniff arps from amazon dash buttons. It did work without any problem on raspi - so I thought - similar systems - shouldn't be a problem - but unfortunately I was mistaken.

Installed libpcap and setting up amazon dash button, pressing it- gives no results.

I have so far installed npm for dash button, pcap and installed pcap2 and libpcap.

Please tell me what info you need from me or maybe point me on different forums to ask?

Thank you!

Libpcap often needs you to run as root. Is that the case here ?

I will try run it as root user. I can't remember if I tried it already. Will report back.

Hi there, it was indeed permissions case - or capabilities as its called. I had to issue this command to get libpcap working on normal user:

sudo setcap cap_net_raw=eip /usr/bin/node

Then I could start seeing arps being captured by nodered and amazon dash button presses are now fully functional.

Thank you for point this to me.

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