Node-red-contrib-pcap installation failed


I've tried to install the node pcap " node-red-contrib-pcap" from node-red (palette) but installation fails. Then, I've installed it following the github steps through terminal. Still, I cannot see the pcap node in my node-red environment. Did someone install this node successfully? thanks

What do you see if, in a terminal, you run
npm install node-red-contrib-pcap
Since you have made some attempts to install it by various routes remove it first in case it is half installed
npm remove node-red-contrib-pcap

I've removed it and installed again. I get this error:

I've inserted the "package.json" from the Git to that directory and I get this error now:

Sorry, I assumed you knew, since you have been installing from the command line already, but you have to go into your .node-red folder before running npm.
You can remove the folder you have created /home/rparada/node_modules but it doesn't matter if you leave it, it won't be used.

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SOLVED: I had to install also pcap2 sudo npm i pcap2. Remember to disable and enable the module pcap2 at the Palette from the GUI Node-Red browser

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