Install node-red have error

Hello friends:
I use npm install node-red have below error,i don't know in our forum who come across this before ,please help me solve it ,Thanks in advance.

Does my environment have some issue?

It's not clear on what device you are trying to install NR and how you try to install it.

Use for raspberry the script on this page:

In fact for any Debian based OS such as Ubuntu also use that script. For other systems see here.

Thanks @edje11 and @Colin for your quick reply,I use NXP I.mx8 mini which installed with arch linux ,can't use script for debian ,also can't use other system method , because don't have pacman(metioned in Colin sharing link ).it's a sad thing :joy:

If you notice you will see that it is complaining about not have a C compiler, I think you need to install whatever for that OS is the equivalent of, on Ubuntu, the package build-essential. If, after installing that, it still fails to install node-red can you post the result of trying to install, including the command line showing what you entered. If possible please copy/paste the text of the log here rather than a screenshot. When pasting use the </> button at the top of the form entry window.

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