Problems installing Node Red on my RasPi

Hey there!
I tried installing node red with the following command (how to get started): ```
bash <(curl -sL

The following problems appears, even after trying the same command again. I am not able to start node red... some got a clue what i could also try?



I had the same problem. Apparently the step "Remove old version of Node-RED" removes the node and npm commands from the installed nodejs, even if you are asking it to use an existing installed one (i.e. it damages an existing nodejs install -- oops).

Easy to fix if you know where everything is. Just re-symlink node and npm from where they are installed (for me it is /usr/local/lib/nodejs/node-vXX.XX.X-linux-armv7l/bin) to where they are supposed to be in the command path (for me it is /usr/local/bin) and then start Node-RED.

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I think it is the version of JavaScript you have. You should use v16 or v14. If you add --help At the end of the curl command and it will show you the exact syntax to install javascript v14 or v16.


Do you need node v17?

I'd recommend trying again with --node16...

bash <(curl -sL --node16


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