My first node is not integrated by Node-RED flow


I have delivered yesterday my first node yesterday (18h ago) : @adeunis/node-red-contrib-adeunis-codecs
I'm able to install it manually in node-red (under windows 10) but it seems that something is going wrong as it is not integrated by Node-RED flow.
I don't see any clue in the documentation :-/
Someone could help me please ?

Check about the keywords I think you are missing them all.

You're right ! Thanks.

My node is now integrated by Node-RED flow but when I try to install it from "manage palette", the following message is displayed:
"Installing '@adeunis/node-red-contrib-adeunis-codecs'
Before installing, please read the node's documentation. Some nodes have dependencies that cannot be automatically resolved and can require a restart of Node-RED."

However local tests through npm install <localpath> were succesfull so I don't really understand the issue.

Does dependency packages ("@adeunis/codecs": "^1.3.2" in my case) must also have specific keywords or something else ? (documentation just says : "If any of the nodes have dependencies on other npm modules, they must be included in the dependencies property.")

I don't know anything about publishing npm packages but prefixing your package with @adeunis looks very strange and unusual.

All other Node-RED packages start with node-red

I was not really sure about that but I found other nodes like this (for instance @prescient-devices/node-red-contrib-revpi-dio by typing @ in search bar).
In fact I have kept @adeunis as my initial npm package was @adeunis/codecs. It was quite coherent I thought.
Maybe it is not a good idea at all ?
Could it explain the install issue ?

That is not true. There are lots of modules that have been published under an npm scope name (which is what the @adeunis bit is). See for more information about scopes.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with publishing modules under a scope. It is entirely up to you if you want to do so. One benefit is that it helps group together the different modules you may publish.

There is no error there - that is the standard message you get when you try to install any node from the palette manager. The key question is - did your node install successfully or not?

Thanks for your reply.
In fact it works under windows.

My initial concern was to install it on a Multitech LoRa gateway (npm 2.15.1 - node-red 0.15.3)
As it just do nothing when I click on "install" in "manage palette".... I thought that perhaps this warning popup may disturb it.
I will try to install it through ssh to see if it helps.
I will also check if there are somewhere some logs