Add sensortag nodes

I warmly welcome. I have a question. Is it possible to add nodes / libraries to node red without using npm command? I tried to add sensortag nodes / libraries but i do smethink wrong. Now i cannt use a npm command. When i use npm -v putty gets "command not found" and this is what happens with every command npm. Please help.

Yours faithfully

Welcome to the forum @Mixter

Where are you running node-red? In the windows machine or in a pi for example?

If you are trying to install node-red nodes then the recommended way is to use Manage Palette in the node-red editor.

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Thank you for your response. I use nodered on model with intel edisson with YOCTO, connected with computer with windows. I fixed this problem with install node.js with n manager. And then when i install new version of nodered i use your advice and use manage pallete. But now i have new problem.

Do you know how fixed it ?

Yours faithfully

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