Downloading node palettes

Hi everyone, I am relatively new to Node-Red and Linux and am facing a roadblock

Is there any way to install node modules onto a snap installed node-red in an Ubuntu Core 16 IPC?

The IPC I am using only offers the terminal as an interface, so i am restricted to linux commands only

Previously, i was able to install them just fine by using "Manage Palette", but now it doesn't allow me to do so for some reason. Error message shown is "Failed to load node catalogue, check the browser console for more information". I can't even access the log files after chmodding the all permissions to 777... (can't even look at what's wrong, ;=;)

So now I'm exploring other options of installing manually. Ubuntu doesn't have apt-get or npm as a built-in command.

failed to load node catalogue means it can't fetch the list of available nodes from the internet/npm - Is your network link OK ? It should have npm installed as that is how the manage- palette option works.

My network link is alright, I'm able to reinstall node red from the snapstore via "sudo snap install node-red" (still didn't work)

Are we supposed to be able to use npm?

I am not able to use it as npm is not a recognizable command

Or is there a mode that allows us to use npm?

As per the Readme ?

Hmmm... Yea I installed it as per normal

But I didn't install it using - - classic mode and I'll try that logging function to see if it allows me to view the logs

I'll try that tomorrow :slight_smile:

I meant the part here -
in particular the use of node-red.npm as the command

Worked like a charm, thanks :smiley:

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