Nodes installed using npm won't show up in palette


I've just installed node-red@3.0.2, using the Raspberry Pi script, running OK. OS Debian 11, on an Olimex Olinuxino A20 (ARM)

I'd like to develop an IO Plugin for Olinuxino A20, to use it with Johnny5

In this proccess I notice that nodes installed using npm install in ~/.node-red/ ends up with modules being installed but not available in the node-red GUI palette

What I'm doing wrong ?

I'm not pretty sure but maybe used sudo to install node-red

Could this be the cause ?

Please any help


Did you restart node-red & refresh browser?

Yes it could.

Did you not use the official installer script? It should have warned you not to install as root

Thank you.

I did restart node-red after the npm install command

I reviewed my bash history and no, I did perform the install script as me, normal user

But I forgot to mention before, that I've locally build the lower-case example, when I install it using npm in my ~/.node-red directory it installs, but is no node available

But I upload it (through Node-red GUI palette install tool) as .tgz , it is available as a node.

But when try to do the same with a git clone of linux-io, Node-red installer complains and can't go forward.

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