Node installation from Palette is not working

Hi All,

I am trying to install nodes from manage palette option. But, it is not able to install a node.
If I use same command from cmd line than it works perfectly.


It would be useful if you could supply a little more information, such as...

What platform?
What version of Node-RED?
What version of nodejs
What version of npm?

Platform : Embedded Linux on armV7
Node Red version: 0.19.0
nodejs version: 8.11.2
npm version: 5.6.0

Hi @rskhatri - please consider if you've given us enough information to help. You haven't told us if this is one node in particular you have trouble with, or is it all nodes? You haven't told us what errors, if any, you get.

We can't help without enough information to understand exactly what you're trying to do.

I tried to install "node-red-node-intel-gpio" node from manage palette. It took almost 1.5 hour to install.

While same if I install from cmdline, it installed in 5 minutes.

So, my first observation was wrong that it is not working but it is too slow.

Hi - ok, that could well have been an temporary issue then. The palette manager just runs the same npm install command as you did; so any delays would have been coming from npm. Maybe your network connection was slow at the time.