Alexa development for Node Red integration stopped?

Hi everybody, unfortunately we still not have support for Amazon Echo Plus, and the development for Node Red seems stopped from months.
I think this is really useful and required feature for any Smart Home system, mabe someone feels to give a contribute here? I'm not enough experienced to give some ((
Thanks anyone who can listen us

Node-RED doesn't support very many services out of the box, but the community adds nodes that bring that functionality.

A search on shows lots of Alexa nodes, some that have been updated less than a day ago such as So I don't understand your "and the development for Node Red seems stopped from months." comment unless it refers to a specific node which you haven't named or to Node-RED in general where Nick has posted threads with beta versions of the next release.

There are also Alexa nodes such as node-red-contrib-alexa-home-skill which should work with the Amazon Echo Plus as it uses it's own skill (it certainly worked with my Sonos One on the very first day)

Is your issue with a specific node? Does it say it doesn't work with the Amazon Echo Plus? If not have you opened an issue to let the author know? Have you tried some of the other nodes?

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thank you my friend, you are really kind :slight_smile: well I suppose the issue was created because I searched on Node red palette for Alexa, and the only result diplayed was gith**ub . **com/originallyus/node-red-contrib-alexa-local and they don't developing more recently. You kindly reported me it is better to searc for Amazon Echo.
I'm checking, it seems that Echo stil not yet supported, I'll ask for help there
Thank you again

I am confused. If I search in Manage Palette for Alexa I see the following:

Can you explain where you only see the one?

Some nodes may not be able to be used with newer devices because of changes that Amazon have made.
But the node node-red-contrib-alexa-home-skill should work because it has created it's own skill.

Thank you friend for help again, well I can't say you why I had "1 result", probably I searched something else, probably I not evaluated "too old" modules that haven't been more updated.
Kindly can I ask what it means "to create it's own skill"? What is the difference between aany other standard module? what is the meaning of own skill?
Thank you!

To use that node you add a module within the Amazon Alexa App (Amazon alexa calls these skills).
The instructions explain all the steps.

At least some of the other nodes pretend to be another device, which works for older Alexa devices but not newer ones.

Thank you for explanation, I'll have a try then! )