A way to retrieve the dashboard tab and group from within a flow?

A way to retrieve the dashboard tab and group from within a flow? In various development APIs there are reflective or inspection methods for doing this type of thing, so wonder if something similar in NR?

I am not entirely sure what you are looking for, but the ui control node reports dashboard interactions (ie. like changing tabs)

Idea was or is that I could grab the tab/group name, and label controls, UI elements with the same name as desired. So if the group was 'Me' I could setup a button that was labeled 'Button Me' without resorting to static text or using a context variable even. This would make the flow modular in that any place I imported that flow would adapt to the tab or group name accordingly. I have a use case where the same flow maybe 5 or 10 instances running, all independent of each other where the key difference is the location of the given instance, say tab "one" versus "two". Like I said, it was just an idea, potential way to address how make something dynamic versus static.

Use the ui_control node. If tab changes you get the name of the active tab in addition to the browser instance.

Ah, that works for tabs, is there similar for groups? Just asking.

read the documentation of the node:

When any browser client connects or loses connection, changes tab, or expands or collapses a group this node will emit a msg containing:

  • payload - connect , lost , change , or group .
  • socketid - the ID of the socket (this will change every time the browser reloads the page).
  • socketip - the ip address from where the connection originated.
  • tab - the number of the tab. (only for 'change' event).
  • name - the name of the tab. (only for 'change' event).
  • group - the name of the group. (only for 'group' event).
  • open - the state of the group. (only for 'group' event).
    Optional - report only connect events - useful to use to trigger a resend of data to a new client without needing to filter out other events.

Read? Documentation? What a radical concept! Point Taken.

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