Set Tab and Group dynamically in UI Widgets

Hi all,

a short summary of what I want:

  • I Have severeal units in my company which are sending data via MQTT

  • In the UI I have three different "views" = tabs.

  • In tabs I have different groups.

    MOBIL (one TAB containing all units in different groups)
    Displaying a gauge and a button per unit for all units. It is an overview of all units I have. One group per division.

    DIVISION (one TAB per Division, one group)
    More or less the same (a few more information about the unit) as MOBIL but only the units belonging to the division.

    DETAIL (one TAB and group per UNIT)
    Detailed information about the unit.

Especially in the DETAIL View I do about 30 times the same and I have one flow per unit.

Currently I am doing a redesign of the whole thing because I am getting more units I want to handle and it gets complicated to have so many flows doing the same.

Waht my redesign does:

I have one flow getting the MQTTs, doing calculations and whatever I want to prepare the data.
I have a subflow which should do all the UI part. For each unit I start one instance of the subflow.

So far so good.

I have two major issues from having the prfect solution for me:

First one is "design of UI Widget in Subflows" which is hopefully fixed if this project gets done.

Second one is (and this is my question / feature request), that I need to be able to assign TAB and GROUP dynamically to the Ui Widgets (e.g. Button. Gauge, Chart, Template, etc.). Of course I would need to have the tabs and Groups to be set up in dashboard, which would be fine for me.

Did someone have had the same situation or is it worth to discuss a feature request?

Thanks and best regards

If you need that much flexibility you may wish to look at the node-red-contrib-uibuilder project where you have much greater control over all aspects of the layout and so on - but you do have to build it yourself.

Plus it's not really clear what you mean - Do you mean that you could send a message with a value and a tab to widget and it would suddenly appear on that tab (and likewise be removed from it's previous tab) ? that could be really annoying if things kept moving around ! Or would it appear on every tab that it happened to be mentioned (i.e. so I could have the widget on multiple tabs). Neither are in plan.

Hi dceejay,

thanks for your reply and sorry for net beeing clear enough. Please find the view of the desired structure of the dashboard.


And here is my flow as text file because the post became to long.

folw.txt (36.3 KB)

It do not want the widgets to disapear. In the sublow I want to be able to tell them where they are displayed in the given structure. As you can see I am starting several instances of the subflow "view" in the "DataPreparation" flow. In the "view" flow I want to be able to pass something like = Mobil and = Division1 or = Division1 = all or Unit1 and = detail to the widgets.

Thanks and best regards

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