Change the content of a tab with variable


I'm very new to node-red. I'm trying to change the content of a tab, based on different button clicked in another tab. Is it possible?



Hello and welcome to the forum.

A bit more details on what/why you want to do and what you have so far/already tried would go a long way to helping us help you.

PS, assuming you are referring to a Tab within a dashboard Group (or is it the other way around?) Confusing it can be :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Gunner,

Thank you for the response and sorry I gave you a few details.
Yes, I'm referring to a Tab within a dashboard Group.
I have a page with some machine. I would like to press one machine to go in the tab with the details of the selected machine. So i have to exec a different query in the same tab, based on the selected machine.

Opps... I think I am no clearer then before :blush:

Perhaps post a screenshot and possible exported Flow (format it with the </> icon in the post editor) of what you have.

Right now i click on the text ( Linea 1 or Linea2 ecc..) and change the tab. But when i change the tab i would like to pass a variable to know wich Linea i have clicked, to populate the landing tab with the data from a query.
I can't export the flow because the database doesn't work outside my network unfortunatly

I might have to pass on this... that redacted image doesn't help much except to indicate some form of dashboard layout.

Each node has an ID... I don't have an example, but perhaps you can track the msg.payload flow using the node's ID and code in a function node.

Select a node and see the ID here:

image image

I have used such (different node) to process a node specific command:

So should be possible to incorporate some tracking.

Thanks for the support. This help me a lot.

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