How to define a variable as my current dashboard tab?

I want a scaleable way to automatically move through my growing list of tabs on my node red dashboard. The dashboard will be used to monitor equipment status only so there's no user interaction at all.

My thought was to

  1. Inject a timestamp node node periodically to trigger the function.
  2. Use a function node to define a variable as the current tab.Then use a series of if statements to check the variable and return a payload of the next tab accordingly.
  3. Use a delay node to control the timing. (I may just be able to do this from the inject node)
  4. Deliver the payload to a ui_control tab.

I'm new to both Node Red and JS, so forgive my layman description. I think this will work, I just don't know how to fetch the value of the current tab name so I can use it as a definition for my variable. I would love some help with this if anyone has ideas...

Hi there
If you look at the sidebar info for the ui_control node you will see it can accept both the name of the name - or a number (of the tab in order starting at 0) - or indeed the text +1 or -1 to move to the next or previous tab - so you have multiple options.

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