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is there a way to set up default Dashboard tab ? I've got a Menu tab in my application but I couldn't find a way to open dashboard for user always on this tab. I've tried to implement it by using inject node on the start and ui-control node, but it doesn't work. But changing tabs with buttons and ui-control works.

Injecting the msg from node-red will change the tab, but it cannot be done automatically.

Thx for advice

What do you mean by that?

Looking at the screen shot, the inject is set to inject at start up.

If - as you say - it works, what is the question?

I think the ui_control node can signal when a new connection is made. I believe another function of that node is to select a tab. Put 2 of them on a flow with the 1st connected to a switch node (to determine new connection) then a change node (to set the payload to desired tab name) then feed that to 2nd ui_control

Might need some experimentation or additional stuff, but something along those lines might give you what you want.

I'm guessing they want to go to the tab called Menu.
All that is needed is that Menu (Case sensitive) is injected to the ui_control and it will change that to the front (visible) tab.

Though, ok: I have to admit, I have never done that from the editor's point of view.

I have the buttons and press the one I want.

It works only manually from Node-RED, not by self-injecting the value "Menu" after deploying from inject node. The problem is that from my experience and experimenting tabs cannot be changed before someone is connected to dashboard. I have buttons to move between the tabs which work, but I want dashboard to always open on one "chosen by me" tab.

Interesting thought, but it doesn't work either. From my experience and experimenting, Node-RED cannot change tab before someone is connected to dashboard. I tried it, set up inject node to automatically inject after 3 sec, and did some experimenting. Tab changes only when I get connected to dashboard before that 3 sec time span after deploying flows.

So i guess i will use exec node to automatically start dashboard after deploying and then change the tab, beacuse a don't see any other option here.

Using the dashboard sidebar in the editor, you can reorder the tabs. Move the tab you want as the default to the top of the list.

Or if for some reason you don't want it at the top of the list when you use the menu the option suggested by @Steve-Mcl definitely works.

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Oh, didn't know it was that easy. "Menu" tab was at the top from beginning of my project, but for some reason wasn't the default, but after moving it to the bottom, deploying and moving it back to the top it works now. Thank you.

Yeah, I slightly misunderstood that solution, but it works too now. Thx

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