ABB ACS580 drive ➡ Elfin-EW11➡ Node Red

Hello, maybe someone can help me.
The goal is to get data and control ABB ACS580 drive (pressure sensor data, start/stop motor, seeing and removing errors). Middle man is Elfin-EW11. End point is Node Red and Home assistant.

The problem seems to be that ACS580 and EW-11 do not communicate with each other.

Made in home assistant forum similar post.

Modbus cannot read 65535 addresses in one go. Limit the quantity to 100. (actually 123 words is the specification max quantity)

Yes, that's good to know.
But even if use quantity 1 I still got "Modbus Failure On State sending Get More About It By Logging" and "Error: Timed out"

I deal with modbus everyday and I have never seen a modbus address start at "0". Mine always start at "1". But I don't know anything about your hardware so I could be incorrect. Maybe try reading another table. Also keep in mind some Modbus will require an "Offset of +1"

Here is a list of function codes.
Most used Function Codes

  • 01: Coils (FC=01)
  • 02: Discrete Inputs (FC=02)
  • 03: Multiple Holding Registers (FC=03)
  • 04: Input Registers (FC=04)
  • 05: Single Coil (FC=05)
  • 06: Single Holding Register (FC=06)
  • 0F: Multiple Coils (FC=15)
  • 10: Multiple Holding Registers (FC=16)

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