Ability to add custom config in passport.authenticate

I am using passport-azure-ad and have a need to add a "customState" option in the passport.authenticate() function here (and line 207)

I can do it by just adding the customState option in the object as below in my own fork,
passport.authenticate(strategy.name, {session:false, failureRedirect: settings.httpAdminRoot, customState:options.customState }),

but I think there is a more elegant way of allowing a setting which takes an object to be merged into
{session:false, failureRedirect: settings.httpAdminRoot }

So in my case I would add something like the following in my adminAuth in settings.js to make it work.

adminAuth: {
    strategy: {
        options: {
          callbackMethod: "post",
          authenticateOptions: { customState: "xxxxx" },

I believe this would be immensely helpful for those implementing various OIDC/OAuth (example Google or Microsoft based) strategies with different options.

Please share comments or opinions. I may try to implement this and make it my first contribution to the project.