About editor keyboard shortcuts, right click

I have been trying to use the newly introduced ability to slice through several wires.
The shortcut is CTRL Right Click and move mouse.
Since I'm using a laptop trackpad this is a two hand, three finger, manoeuvre.
In the introductory video Nick says we can't customise mouse actions.

If I accidentally do CTRL Left Click and move mouse, I get this unwanted popup
Untitled 3
Can I delete this shortcut? I can't find it in View | Action list.

Please can we have a context sensitive right click menu as an alternative for common shortcuts?
I would volunteer to code it but it's way outside my expertise.

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I know it can be hard to follow all the threads, but this came up a couple days ago. A right-click context menu is on the todo list, as is a way to customise mouse actions.

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