Missing key shortcut after upgrade on 2.2

Dear all,
After upgrade on v. 2.2. I am missing Ctrl+Right click. I was using this gesture to get mot comonly used nodes. In node red this gesture doesn't do anything. Is it only me? Can I enable it back?

Hi @demokedes

The shortcut you are looking for is Ctrl+Left click.

Before 2.2, the editor didn't care if you used left or right click for all of the mouse actions available. But we then introduced the Wire Slice feature in 2.2 that uses Ctrl-right-click drag. So for the first time, we treat left and right click separately.

The quick-add dialog was always Ctrl-Left Click in my mind, although the docs just say 'click' so I appreciate that was ambiguous.

We don't currently provide a way to customise the mouse actions, but that's something we want to look at in the future.

Aha, you're right. I will get used to left click. Thank you.

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