Right click disabled


Between NR v0.17.5 and NR 0.18.x, right click has been disabled. When developing custom NR nodes, it is really annoying not being able to use the right click to “inspect” elements of the HTML interface.
Would it be possible to re-enable the right click via a parameter in settings.js ? Or any other solution that will optionally enable the right click if needed ?


We haven’t knowingly done anything to disable right-clicks. A quick double-check here and right-click works just fine for me with 0.18 - have checked Chrome and Firefox.


Lines 85-87:

(If I comment these lines, right-click is back – tested on Win10 with Chrome & Firefox)

I don’t know if this has been published in the latest official release but it’s there on the master branch of the repository (that I used to create my wires-related PR this morning), so I guess a change about the right-click is coming … if the option is already planned, please dismiss this message. Thanks.


When you talked about custom nodes, I assumed you meant in the node's edit dialog - as that is the only place that nodes provide custom content and is the primary place a node author would want to inspect.

Looking back, I see a fix did go into 0.18 when right-clicking within the workspace itself - and only within the workspace. This was to fix the issue that when doing a Ctrl-Left-Click in the workspace to open the quick-add dialog, that was also triggering the native context menu on Windows. A side-effect of this (albeit unintentional) is it suppresses the native context menu when you right click.


ok thanks for the explanation…
I didn’t notice that the right-click was still enabled in the nodes’ edit dialogs (I just noticed that on the workspace and assumed that it was also the case for the edit dialog), so my main concern is resolved.